Real Granito is a leading player in the ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturing industry. Established in 1990, Our company has earned a reputation for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We take immense pride in our commitment to delivering top-notch tiling solutions to clients worldwide.

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Since The First Steps Were Taken In The Year 1990, Real Has Carved Its Niche As A Consistently Growing Organisation With Unparalleled Innovation And Realistic Future.

Real Granito Pvt. Ltd embarked on its transformative journey in 1990, driven by a passion to revolutionize the ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturing landscape. Our establishment wasn’t just the birth of a company it represented an enduring commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Throughout our evolution, we’ve remained dedicated to pushing boundaries in design, employing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, and upholding superior craftsmanship. Real Granito’s journey has been characterized by resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering vision to set new benchmarks in the dynamic ceramic industry.

Our Global Presence extends across diverse regions, serving esteemed clients in the USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, European Union, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Gulf Countries, and more. Our relentless dedication to delivering exceptional tiling solutions has been pivotal in establishing and expanding our footprint worldwide.

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